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September 2018
Post 13 Trivia John Young, Patrolman
One Cop Remembers the Taylor Law

Read an interesting article in the New York Post last month, concerning the up-coming Democratic gubernatorial primary race and the Taylor Law. It appears that Cynthia Nixon wants to amend the law banning strikes by government employees. Sounds good to me! Both Andy Cuomo and the Mayor voiced opposition to her suggestion, citing that cops and firefighters should never strike.

The governor is pondering the idea of allowing teachers to strike. For the record, New York teachers were never fined under the Taylor Law. They were never paid for being absent from the classrooms. Cuomo finally got the teachers endorsement for the first time in years. This is his third campaign for the governor's mansion. He recently signed legislation protecting "agency shops" for municipal unions.

Yes, teachers were fined one days pay, while cops were fined two days for the pay period January 14 thru 19, 1971. I don't know if the United Firefighters Association or its membership were fined for their job action or for the unlawful strike led by the UFA president. Everybody loves a fireman, even more since September 11th•

Thursday January 14, 1971 (day tour) Assignment: Bronx Criminal Court c/o Patrolman Johnny Jones, Housing Authority Police Department

Jones (not real name) was arrested on January 3, 1971, for Penal Law, Sec 240.25 (2) Harassment. Duty Captain John Barry ordered that Jones be issued Vera Summons #5 (1971), returnable to Bronx Court on January 14, 1971. My first 4x12 was rescheduled to a day tour, thereby losing eight hours from my forty-eight swing. Officer Jones was arraigned in uniform. Guess he wasn't suspended!

Another incident occurred between off-duty and uniformed Housing cops and uniformed 48 Precinct cops. Post 12 was there. Sergeant from the sign-in room came running to the scene and ordered both me and my partner (Iceman) to the little room under the stairs. I asked about the square badges and his response was, "I'm your boss, and I'm calling the Duty Captain."

Another dispute with the sergeant was over usage of the department's phone to call the PBA office for representation. He finally allowed the call. I was going to take a personal which meant leaving the police room and another run-in with Housing cops.

While waiting for the Duty Captain, an incoming phone call from police reporter Danny O'Grady (Daily News) resulted in a short story. However, the story was never published due to the fact that Bronx cops refused to take their posts because of $1,200. The Duty Captain never showed up, as he had a bigger incident in the 43rd Precinct.

By the time, we got back to the Bathgate Avenue station house, Captain Pronek and two co-delegates were trying to convince the men to take their posts. In the confusion, the desk officer told me to "sign out" as he wasn't going to sign any overtime sheet. Some men took their posts, while most remained in the muster room. Being the junior delegate, I went home because Bob Roche and the Broom could handle it. It was a wildcat strike. Ed Kiernan and the board were trying to protect the dues check-off and possible heavy fines. Bob McKiernan once said that he would have led the strike in an effort to break parity with firemen.

Friday, January 15, 1971 (3rd Platoon) Assignment: Sector Boy, RMP 1407

After roll call, I responded with a "present," but refused to take my assigned post. The radio cars were manned by uniformed detectives and sergeants. There were no foot posts on the late tour, and no bank posts or school crossings on the day tour.

It was the beginning of a cold, cold weekend. Police Commissioner Patrick V. Murphy was heading to Miami for the Super Bowl, and Chief Inspector Mike Codd was in charge.

Nobody was calling the police. 7th Division radios were not broadcasting Code 10-13 nor shots fired in the Golden Orchard.

Saturday, January 16, 1971 & Sunday, January 17, 1971 (3rd Platoon) Assignment:

Authorized R&P excusal for Military Leave (2 days) - Remember those 30 days/per year of authorized excusals? Colonel Codd took them away, as did USMC Colonel Kelly.

As Reserve Unit's MMA, I spent Saturday making coffee (ship's cook) and supervised the clean-up of rooms used by the Coast Guard Reserve. Sunday, I went AWOL. Spent Super Bowl Sunday watching the game with other 48 cops in the backroom of 1925 Bathgate.

Note: Baltimore Colts (16) beat Dallas Cowboys (13) at Miami's Orange Bowl. Commissioner Murphy was sitting in the stands while his cops watched it on televisions located in station houses and local gin mills around the city. By the way, I did make-up the missing drills (2) by attending on a regular day off in December.

Monday, January 18, 1971 (3rd Platoon) Assignment: Sector B, RMP 1407

Present for roll call and refused to take my post. To make matters worse, Sergeant Pete Garvey ordered cops to vacate the station house. The muster room was a mess and a Patrolman was ordered to grab a broom and sweep down the sitting room. Another was ordered to swab the muster room floor, and a third cop was ordered to empty the trash cans in the 124 room.

Thank God for Sergeant O'Neil. Hughie (S.B.A. Fin Sec'y) stepped between the old Irish sergeant and the young P.B.A. delegate. Garvey, like most sergeants, was a World War II veteran. He may have crossed the pond (Atlantic) to supervise New York's Finest. There was no suspension, no charges! We didn't speak until Captain Pronek's wake in March.



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